Eid Ul Adha 2020 Prayers

As Salam o Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa BarakatThe Islamic Association of Shenandoah Valley (IASV) opened its doors to the public for daily congregational prayers on June 6th, 2020 . Alhumdillah, through the grace and mercy of Allah SWT, we were able to keep our doors open providing daily congregational prayers and later, weekly Jummah. Alhamdullillah, your patience and support has given us the confidence to hold the Eid ul Adha Prayers at our Social Hall and Parking Lot facility, In Shaa Allah on Friday, July 31.In Sha Allah, to this effect, IASV will be hosting Two Eid prayers, 7:00 AM, and 9:00 AM. It is imperative that all individuals wear masks once they exit their vehicle and utilize a prayer mat. This is very important to ensure the safety of our congregants and prevent outbreaks.Our capacity within the IASV Social Hall ( 62 spots) and Parking Lot (68 Spots) is approx 130 spots all together per prayer. So, it will be first-come first-serve. Once all of the spots are filled, no further entry will be allowed. For the full Eid announcement, please Click Here!