Interactive Course Announcement

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Alhamdulillah rabil alameen wa salaatu wa salaam ala sayid al anbiyya wal mursaleen, nabiyana Muhammad, wa ala aalihi wa sahbihi ajmaeen, ama b’ad:

Educating and bettering ourselves should be the daily goal of the Muslim. We as a community should always work to pursue that goal and specifically, we should offer viable options to help realize that.

In light of this, we would like to initiate this by offering the following three interactive courses that will be starting by Allah’s will 8/29/2016. These courses will be held every other week:

Actions of the Heart –
This class deals with
Knowing Allah
Knowing how to direct and control our feelings and emotions to the point we can make them into elements of worship
Understanding the core of our beliefs
Expressions in the Limbs –
This class deals with
Our day to day interactive dealings as a Muslim
A deeper understanding of the pervasiveness of our religion
Conceptual understanding of often politically misunderstood issues
Understanding the Quran –
This class deals with
Understanding up to 80% of the vocabulary found in the Quran
Practical implementation of the learned vocabulary
Getting closer to Allah by understanding his book

We would like to open these classes to the community so that we may benefit and increase in our knowledge and learn to apply it to the best of our ability.

The following is to be expected from the students:
All reading material will be provided to the students
Weekly assignments will be given
Interaction from the student by taking good notes and reading when called on
Preparation for quizzes or exams
Regular attendance (don’t overburden yourself, take what you can handle)

I look forward to seeing you all attend some if not all of the above interactive classes.

Class 1
Place: IASV Community Hall
Time: Every other Monday after Salatul Maghrib

Class 2
Place: IASV Community Hall
Time: Every other Tuesday after Salatul Maghrib

Class 3
Place: IASV Community Hall
Time: Every other Thursday after Salatul Maghrib