Ramadan 2016

IASV will hold a daily Iftar, breakfast, during the month of Ramadan. The kitchen volunteers and the Chef are asking that you get in touch to reserve a place so they know how many to cook for. Please use the contact form to let us know how many people are coming on which day. Additionally, IASV hosts a weekly potluck for our congregation on each Saturday during the month of Ramadan. Additional potluck will be hosted on each Sunday during the month of Ramadan which will include the wider Harrisonburg and Shenandoah Valley community, Muslims and Non Muslims. Additional community events will follow and will be posted in the events section soon.

Tarawih Prayer will be held daily throughout Ramadan. The first Tarawih will take place on Sunday, June 5th and ends on Tuesday, July 5th. Tarawih prayer starts after Isha and is expected to take 60 min.